Since laboratories and research stations are the home for new inventions it also demands for the System which can upgrade the performances of the instruments and also provide a dependable result, for these needs and requirements of the inventory department Agilent 1100 HPLC system is been designed. It ensures proper blending of the solvent and hence delivering a pulse free solvent for exact conclusions. Agilent 1100 system has components which can effectively catch the defects and faults and after determining it can solve them at once. Agilent 1100 consists of proper and appropriate software for data analysis which helps it to sort out in-site and remote troubles.

Agilent 1100 system parts:

The system is a combination of an inlet valve which is operated electrically and a piston which can be pushed inside and helps the solvent to be free from formation of vapors. After that it consists of a high-speed valve and a vacuum degasser which is already configured as per its use. Agilent 1100 can be operated by muscular force or on basis of computer software which can deliver a comfortable use of the system. The reliability of the users on this system has marked it as a smooth and maintenance free system.

The unique parts of Agilent 1100 system consists of:
  • Vacuum Degasser: This allows cutting off the money factor and delivers a accurate functionality without using helium.
  • Wavelength verifier: It consists of a wavelength verifier which is already present in it and need not to be established individually.
  • Agilent 1100 parts and functionality provides an abiding flow of solvent.
Agilent 1100 System can be configured in more than one way using integrations of different constituents such as indicators and pumps which serve different utilities and needs of the system. A configuration which is considered as a basic one for the Agilent 1100 system is a combination of:
  • PUMP
1100 series Binary or Quaternary pumps and 1100 series Variable Wavelength Detector or Diode Array Detector are also components of this configuration of system. VWD and DAD, both work for determining the variable wavelengths and also keeping a tract of indicator's work. For this, they use holmium oxide filter which enables them to their work automatically. The modern and fresh design of Agilent 1100 autosampler has brought in the new trend of front access for reciprocity of flow cells and pre-coordinated lamps.

The Agilent 1100 HLPC systems available in the market include:
  • The 1100 Series Binary VWD System (Binary Pump, Variable Wavelength Detector)
  • The 1100 Series Binary DAD System (Binary Pump, Diode Array Detector)
  • The 1100 Series Quaternary VWD System (Quaternary Pump, Variable Wavelength Detector)
  • The 1100 Series Quaternary DAD System (Quaternary Pump, Diode Array Detector)
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